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NCLEX Mock Test

NCLEX Preparation in Nepal, www.nclexnepal.com

Thanks to the team of NPCN software engineers that we have developed the world's first Mock Test Center for NCLEX, in which students can get unlimited practice any time they want to. We have a huge database of NCLEX questions including every category in nursing with sure shot like questions collected for more than 16 years. Students can get real NCLEX test experience at our NCLEX Mock Test Center and develope necessary confidence to pass NCLEX on the first attempt.

NCLEX Mock Test/NCLEX Pre Test fulfills the requirement of real test experience to develop confidence in the real exam, it familiarizes students about the question structure and type asked in the real exam. Students can later analyze their score, identify weakness, and get the rationale of each question they faced in the NCLEX Mock Test.

Mock test would be free to our NCLEX students and they can practice every Sunday-Friday at any time from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Students outside of NPCN must pay the charge according to company rules.


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