Why Choose Us?

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Why Choose NCLEX Preparation Center Nepal (NPCN):

NPCN has experience in preparing nurses for USA and Canada. NPCN understands the needs of registered nurses in Nepal. Fulfilling those needs is our priority. Serving Nepali nurses since 2004. We are the one and only authentic NCLEX preparation center in Nepal. We have hundreds of success stories. Thousands or Nepali nurses are associated with us. We also have a good number of nurses joining NCLEX from India and other countries as well.

We have also developed world's first Mock Test Center for NCLEX where our students can get unlimited practice from hundreds of thousands of questions at our mock test lab at any convenient time of their choice. We have a huge question bank most probably found nowhere else. NCLEX mock test developes confidence to real exam and students are familiar with the question types asked in a real exam and increases their chance to pass the exam easily. Mock tests are arranged in such a way that they are no different with the real exam.

NPCN is so popular among Nepali and Indian nurses, and offers numerous benefits for nurses looking forward to live and work in USA and Canada.