Nursing in USA/Canada

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Nursing in USA/Canada:

NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) is an examination for the licensing of nurses in the Nursing in USA/Canada offers a number of unique opportunities to enrich your career. You can learn new approaches to clinical practice, fine-tune your skills, work with state-of-the-art technology and learn from professionals at the forefront of medical advances.

Now is your chance to work at some of the top hospitals in the United States, including teaching hospitals and major research facilities. Nursing in the U.S.A. provides the opportunity to play a vital role in health care and take on roles and responsibilities not found in other countries. Many international nurses can also enjoy better compensation, generous housing and travel allowances, and an array of employment benefits when they work with American staffing agencies.

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Other benefits of NCLEX:

There are other benefits of passing NCLEX and having a nursing license from a US State. If you go to Australia and join a university for your BN, BSN or Bridge Course, you can get a job in a nursing home while you study. In Canada NCLEX is recognized in all provinces from 2015 onwards and you don't need to do CRNE(Canadian Registered Nursing Examination) if you have passed NCLEX.]. Also you must have passed NCLEX to get into a Masters Program or an RN to BN program at the US universities. It will also insure a well paying job while you study. Remember, NCLEX is mandatory for Masters Programs in USA for nurses.

NCLEX exam Type:

Most of the questions of the NCLEX-RN exam are worded multiple choice questions. In recent years, however, the Boards of Nursing have added broader questions that don't involve multiple choices.

Furthermore, we have developed world's first Mock Test Center for NCLEX to help you develop confidence and pass NCLEX exam with real exam simulation. You can practice through hundres of thousands questions in a real test environment.

US/Canada Needs Nurses Why?

The average age of registered nurses in the US is in the 50's. There are not enough nurses coming up to take care of the growing ageing population. The US has been emigrating nurses from other countries for several years but its not enough. What to do?

The US needs you if you meet the requirements. Mainly pass the NCLEX exam and the English requirements. You can get an occupational ( job sponsored ) visa which guarantees you a green card.

The program of nurses to the united states is the only program where you can go to the US and immediately start working. You have completed all the requirements before you go. What you pay over here is reimbursed to you once you land. You get free airfare, free initial housing, freee immigration costs, guaranteed job and $2000 relocation bonus. All paid by the hospital. No money comes out of your salary. No documents are taken from you. You are in control. You don't have to take extra courses.

You will receive a salary of $20 to $35( nursing home) to $50 ( hospital ) to $90 (ICU) depending on the cost of living of that area. Large cities (New York, Las vegas, Chicago) pay more. Smaller towns and cities less.

The downside is Retrogression. Visas take longer. But there has been some forward movement of priority dates. You have to be in the queue for your priority date number to come up or everyone will be ahead of you. So if working in the US/Canada is your goal, you need to start NOW!

NPCN faclitates all NCLEX passers for getting a job in USA. Even nurses with no experience can also get a job. All the processing fees are free for our students.