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NPCN and NCLEX Preparation in Nepal

NCLEX Preparation in Nepal, www.nclexnepal.com

NCLEX Preparation Center, Nepal(NPCN) and www.nclexnepal.com are the division of Secured Life International Group Pvt. Ltd. We are preparing Nepali nurses for NCLEX, CGFNS, and CRNE exam for more than 16+ years with 928% success rate in the first attempt. We are the oldest and one and only NCLEX preparation center in Nepal. We also are the world's first Mock Test Cener for NCLEX. Hundreds of nurses have joined for the NELCX, CGFNS, and CRNE preparation and became successful. We have the highest pass rates worldwide(please refer to NCSBN websit).

We have one of the world's most qualified teachers who have been preparing Nepalese nurses for NCLEX, CGFNS or CRNE for more than 16+ years. We have the richest collection of materials found nowhere else in the world in a sinble place. We have collection hundreds of thousands of question patterns with every latest materials developed so far by the world wide experts on NCLEX. We also have developed world's first Mock Test Center for NCLEX, in which students can get unlimited practice any time they want to, we have a huge database of NCLEX questions including every category in nursing with sure shot like questions. Students can get real NCLEX test experience at our NCLEX Mock Test Center. We are expanding the Nurse link division to include nursing opportunities in other countries such as Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, Ireland and soon possibly Japan.

NPCN is Nepal's oldest NCLEX Preparation Center. We have an average of 98% pass rate in the first attempt, which is one of the world's highest pass rates. We also are the world's first Mock Test Center for NCLEX. Students can get unlimited practice from hundreds of thousands of sure shot like questions. We have the huge collection of materials collected since 2004.

The population of the developed countries are getting older. They need younger vibrant emigrants to take care of their ageing population which means professional registered nurses. You need to meet the requirements for licensees in countries states, provinces/countries. That is where NCLEX Preparation Center, Nepal comes in. There is a huge demand of nurses in the USA and Canada.

NPCN then leads you through the process. Preparing for and taking tests, getting jobs, obtaining visas, managing documents, learning languages, making secure connections. Whatever it takes we are with you all the way.


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