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NPCN Nursing Staffing

NCLEX Preparation in Nepal, www.nclexnepal.com

NCLEX Preparation Center Nepal(NPCN) has long experience in preparing nurses for USA and their successful job placement in a desired state. NPCN understands the needs of registered nurses in Nepal. Fulfilling those needs is our priority. After you join our NCLEX classes, from the very day we start processing your docments and guiding you, troubleshoot any problem that arise. From fully preparing you for NCLEX exam, we also fully guide you for CGFNS, Board Apply, Pearson Apply, IELTS preparation and achieving the ideal score for job placement, your I-140 to DS-260, we'll guide you 100%.

Our staffing agency works for all 50 states within United States. NPCN is so popular among Nepali and Indian nurses, and offers numerous benefits for nurses looking forward to live and work in USA.

Furthermore, after passing NCLEX we fully sponsor your departure, provide 3 months free accommodation after you arrive USA.


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